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Hello everybody this is Conner,

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer vacation... I know I am. I have been getting to do a lot of visiting with my family in Tennessee. I will explain more about that in the future. According to Jim went on for an amazing 8 seasons.  I became part of the family the 4th season. I look back at some of the episodes that I was in and some that really stand out to me was my very 1st episode where I wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween,  but my dad Jim wanted me to be a ninja or a dinosaur or just anything else but Cinderella . My dad, my uncle and the rest of the family went to buy our costumes and a dinosaur costume had been bought for me. It made dad proud that that’s what you thought I was going to be, we even practiced on a dinosaur roar.... But when it came time to go trick or treating I came downstairs in My Cinderella costume which really surprised you. You said that if I didn't go and change we would just stay there at the house, so I said fine ... So we both sat there on the sofa to see who would give in first. I wasn't going to give in. Finally in the end my dad and uncle gave in and I wore my Cinderella costume and they both dressed like women. They were both real funny looking. It just goes to show that even if parents don't like something that their kids are doing, but their kids really have their minds set to do something, someone has to give in.

Another episode of According to Jim that I remember well was the one where I developed a crush on a girl so I went to my dad and asked ...

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